A "first class" operation! Bob, Alan and staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and honest.


Good knowledgeable people looking out for you whether buyer or seller!

- Stacey Stricklen Raisanen

There comes a time in everyone's life where a family wants stability, consistency, and a place to call home. On Friday, we fulfilled a dream we've had since our marriage. We set roots and purchased our first home. We didn't buy a house, we bought a home. Houses are simply structures. A home is a vessel by which families sail the sea of life. We're here now. Here to stay. Special thanks to our realtor, Skyler Massie. He provided timely, expert service and had answers for every question we asked. We asked a lot of questions!


Skyler Massie has been awesome through the whole process of selling, and buying my home. With all the ups and downs , he remained positive and Always helpful. He had to talk me off the ledge a few times, so . . . thank you Skyler!! You're amazing!. You made it all worth it. Thanks again!

- Cindy Haar Roush

I am a lender and work hand in hand with the agents at Tri-State. I am always excited to work them when I have the opportunity as I know that they are taking care of their clients and doing what is in their best interest!

Glad to have agents of that are like minded and want to do what’s best!!!! Thank you!

- Amber Lynn Dodson


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